Uganda Do It!

I took a road trip to Gulu, a city about 3 hours south of the compound. Anna, a midwife from Germany, and I sat in the back of a pick up for the dusty, bumpy, loud road trip.
We had big bags of flour and sim sim (sesame seeds) and 3 other passengers on the way there, and the way home was even crazier with big poles… See pics! Anna was extreme beading in the back of the truck. I could do nothing but stare at the landscape passing by and daydream.

Anna extreme beading on back of the truck

I so needed a break from the compound. I love baby catching! I really do, but I am a bit ADD for only being at a birth center. Back home, I catch a baby in the morning and have band practice that night. Or take my dog to the river and walk for miles. Or meet friends for cocktails. Or go to dance class, or… Here it’s babies, babies, babies. I’m so grateful for my full, diverse life back home.

We got pizza one night in Gulu. Pizza. And Beer.
Let that sink in.

After beans n rice for months I can’t tell you how good it was! And then I took a motorcycle ride during sunset back to the hotel. The sky was on fire. So magnificent. I was so happy on the back of that bike. Staring at the sky. What a lovely moment in my life. Simple, pure. Full from all the hard work and enjoying a break. Beer. Pizza. Sky. Adventure… Needed it.

The way home fell on Scott’s birthday. I had 3 hours to think of him and miss him. We were chasing a rainbow a majority of the way home and then the huge full moon rose from behind the mountains.  Nothing big. But somehow feeling part of everything made me just want to harness this life even more. The magic. The heartache. How they fold into each other. Could we have the magic without the heartache? Having lost my mom and Scott too soon make both the magic and the heartache bigger. I’d take them both back in a second and give up the magic. I would. But since I can’t, I will savor the moments I feel connected to everything and strive to love more, give it all away. For them. For me. For the magic and the heartache.

Critter corner:
Warning! If you are my dad or sister or the worrying type, don’t read-
Snake in the birth center!
One that if it bit you, you wouldn’t make it to the town center! 2 miles away! Whaaaaaa? Needless to say, I’m carrying my light everywhere I go!

Oh, and I know I contradicted myself in the blog- I said I don’t like telling other women’s stories then turned around and told the twin’s story. Well, it’s easier for me to tell someone else’s good story. And she said I could. But still I know, I contradicted myself. Life is a series of contradictions. Thankfully!!!

Stay tuned! I got an asthma attack and a traditional midwife meeting to fill you in on!

More soon! xo