Uganda do it! Update #2

There are fireflies here, which are a sweet reminder of Michigan summers. The thunder storms are still coming on a daily basis, and the midday sun is beginning to gain some strength; foreshadowing what is to come in the dry season. Hotness.

The full moon brought a few babies, and the cool part was when I walked back to my hut, I didn’t even need my light to see the snakes, I had the moonlight!

Oh, the babies! They have been teaching me a lot of lessons. There have been several resuscitations. One baby came out so floppy. No breathe. When his big brown eyes were starting to peel open, when he began to fight with me, I knew all was going to be ok with this little fellow. I told him with love and a bit of feistiness that he was to start breathing. He didn’t let go of my gaze every time his eyes fluttered open, and he came through. I was oh so happy to pass him up to his mother’s breast, and once he gained momentum, he was golden. I’m learning so much from the traditional midwives and showing a few of our western tricks to help too – what a lovely combination. What a gift to swap tricks of the trade with these seasoned veterans of birth.
It hasn’t been all work… We walked to the market. And hitched a ride home on an 18-wheeler!  The Chinese engineering company, here to build the road to Sudan and beyond, stopped and we piled in. Two American midwife students, a traditional midwife from the village, two Ugandan midwife/ translators, and I! Ha! The Chinese engineer didn’t speak much English, but he did ask me to come home with him. Not only did I get propositioned, but it was without a doubt the most comfortable ride I’ve had while in Uganda. Air condition! And leg room! Overall, a success!

Now for the bug bite update: one of the handy men swept my hut of all the spider webs because it was getting out of control. I woke up several nights with bites and scares… one night, I woke up with burning liquid sliding down my throat and I was convinced that it was either 1) spider venom that was going to kill me or 2) spider venom that was going to kill me! sigh. Turns out, I made it! Off to Acholi language class. I suppose I need to learn how to say more than Awoobi (boy).

More soon! xo