Birth Connects Us All | Headed to Lesbos

I am in the airport leaving Paris and headed towards Lesbos, Greece. I have loved my days in Paris- this is the first time I am able to spend my birthday (which falls on New Years day) in Paris and it was a dream come true! I loved stumbling into beautiful cathedrals and checking out ancient art and being in the city of LOVE. But my heart has always been counting down the days I get to depart for the real reason for this journey.

 I can't wait to work as a midwife in the refugee camps and help COHI establish community partners on the ground in Lesbos. I have always thought being a midwife is the coolest job in the world. I mean it. It is sweetness! It can be hard and tiring and even scary sometimes but it makes so much sense to me! Birth connects us all, we have all been born. Birth happens even in refugee camps, even in war zones, even in boats fleeing a war torn country.

I have seen a lot of babies be born. I am lucky for that! In cozy yurts in northern California, dung huts in east Africa, cute cottages in Northern Michigan and rural hospitals in Haiti. Every single mother wants her baby safe, every single baby wants to be nestled in their mamas arms. I am grateful to COHI for knowing the time is now to bring in help to Lesbos. Women and children make up 80% of refugees worldwide. We are hearing that there are many pregnant, newly birthed and birthing women making their journey to safety. Let’s go ease their minds and give them the kind of care midwives are known for.

"Midwives are the warriors on the front line of healthcare, battling to ensure that women survive childbirth and that babies are born safely even in the most marginalized areas." - World Health Organization

I will check in soon! Thank you for all your support and love. I am grateful for the opportunity!