My hundred days at a birth center in East Africa.

The stars! I’ve never seen a sky so bright and full, and since it’s the rainy season there hasn’t been a night when lightening didn’t blanket the horizon. I swear my hut shakes with the thunder. I live in a straw hatched roof hut that has a dung floor. Yep, dung. I am happy to have my own little pink hut. There have been 8 babies since I arrived a week ago. 2 girls and 6 boys. Boys are called awoobis here! And ever since I learned the word for boy, nothing else has been born into my hands. I love awoobis! And girls too, but awoobis! The births have been intense, but I guess I was prepared for that…

The 8 hour car ride north from Kampala to the birth center took me through a national forest, which proved just as majestic as I hoped. Little white monkeys! And Baboons! And the NILE which was white watered and beautiful. It curved through villages and was so bumpy, rough and ragged. The terra cotta red earthed road takes you clear through Sudan and up to Egypt if you followed it.

There is a well on the compound. Which means that many people from surrounding villages come to gather drinking water. It is solar powered like the rest of the center. Watching people gather around the water cooler here is much different from back home! Ladies carry gallons and gallons on their head as do little girls as young as five!  My hut has no connection to the solar power so I have a lot of candle lit evenings with a book, until I get the knock to come greet a baby.

Before I go on getting all romantic, keep in mind I have to squat to use the bathroom and my body is riddled with spider and flea bites. Not to mention the killer mosquitos! I was also wandering around the compound at night in the dark and a Ugandan midwife told me to carry a light so I could see the snakes! Got it. Light! Also, the shower is cold and the food is rice and beans or beans and rice.
I haven’t eaten fruit since I arrived besides bananas and some delicious passion fruit juice in the AM. Ok, it’s not so bad.

My heart is beaming with gratitude. I am in Africa! I am catching babies!

More soon! xo